At Over the Top Promotions we believe it is the responsibility of every company to give back- we have aligned ourselves with the Global Goals and understand that every business has the power to change the world not governments so it’s our responsibility to help make the change in any way we can. 


Over the Top Promotions has created a number of programs to give back:




Over the Top Promotions supports selected Local Charities by supplying a range of branded merchandise at zero cost .We are currently supporting WILL2LIVE , a charity that supports the homeless in Sydney.


We also collect any unused merchandise and with the approval of our clients and we distribute them to a charity that can use the merchandise, in the past we have donated unused merchandise to Aboriginal Communities , Vincent de Paul  and a number of Schools .


Our mission is to have zero waste, throw nothing out, as long as the items can we used we will find a home for it. 




Over the Top Promotions has aligned itself with B1G1 and each month we select a charity to donate to, as long as the project aligns with our values of, Education, Honestly, Create and Gratitude and the Global Goals.


Our Giving 


June 2019 

 We Gave 700 literacy education programs to disadvantaged Delats girls ton Literacy Education

We gave 1200 days of access to a special life education program for children in India.

We provided 480 days of access to school books to orphaned children.

We gave 720 days of learning materials to vulnerable children in need.





What do we do

At Over the Top Promotions we are passionate about helping you build your brand through brand recall and recognition, ultimately increasing your sales revenue through the distribution of corporate merchandise. We get to know all of our brands and what they stand for and provide the most appropriate product options to guarantee that your brand and your message is spread.

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