We offer an end-to-end systems from pick up to delivery . 



Over the Top Promotions offers warehousing services from just storing the items for a period time to pick and pack service or we can just store your items and distribute to the event a few days before, whatever is required we customise it so it suits your requirements .


With a number of different transport companies we have a solid network that can be trusted to delivery to Australia, NZ and globally within the given time frame .


We understand delivery is a critical driver and monitor the goods from the time they arrive at our warehouse until the time they arrive with our client, all tracked along the way.



We can offer the following


24/7 Secure Warehouse


Same Day dispatch


8KM to the Sydney CBD


Delivery to Australia, NZ and globally via TNT, FEDEX and DHL .


Our aim is to remove the headache from our clients and allow our clients to focus on other projects and let us take care of the warehousing and logistics .


Email or 02 9712 7793  to discuss your requirements and we can send a proposal of the services that we can offer ..


What do we do

At Over the Top Promotions we are passionate about helping you build your brand through brand recall and recognition, ultimately increasing your sales revenue through the distribution of corporate merchandise. We get to know all of our brands and what they stand for and provide the most appropriate product options to guarantee that your brand and your message is spread.

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